Golden Jubilee

Financial Aid to Poor Ladies and Widows

The Muslim Educational Society is also providing monthly financial aid to widows and deserving ladies. Philanthropists are requested to join hands in the noble mission of the Muslim Educational Society.

Gold Medal-Cash Award

Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff

Prior to nationalization, we have been presenting Gold Medals to the Head of the School on the basis of Matric results and Special Cash Awards to the subject teachers. The Gold Medal scheme was re-introduced in 1994 and was given to the Top Teachers based on their results by the Board of Secondary Education. The subject teachers were awarded cash awards in the annual function: Best Aya, Best Sweeper, Best Chaukidar, Best Driver, and Best Montessori Teacher of the year. Best Primary Teacher of the year and Best Secondary Teacher were awarded one to two months’ salary to show appreciation for their services. In 2007, the society also awarded Umrah Ticket to the teacher who got three Gold Medals continuously for three years.

Post Nationalization

From 1972 to 1991, the Muslim Educational Society suspended its services but distributed books and cash funds to the poor and needy students, as well as financially supported the children of its staff members. Soon after the Muslim Educational Society established Light House Montessori World, Light House Primary School and Light House Public School from 1992 to 2008, near Airport, Malir Cant, Model Colony and its second campus of Light House Montessori World, Light House Public School Campus-II, Nazimabad in 2006-2007.

Unesco’s Universal Children Days

The Muslim Educational Society has been commemorating UNESCO Universal Children Day, Health Day & Mother’s Day for the last 11 years. Baby Show is very popular in Karachi, and babies from one month to two years old are registered. Their medical checkup is conducted by child specialists, and mothers of healthy babies are awarded prizes and gifts. It not only created health awareness amongst the mothers and parents, but also provided healthy competition in the society. Elites of Karachi, NGO’s, actively participate in the Baby Show event, and we also publish a “Mothers Guide”. Renowned child specialists and childcare writers contribute their articles to the Mother’s Guide, which helps mothers raise their babies. Many Business Houses support us in publishing the Mother’s Guide. On the eve of Baby Show, we distribute a booklet of character building for the babies.

Islamic Etiquettes

We have also published Islamic Etiquettes Booklets for the Primary and Secondary students, as well as Seeratun Nabi (S.A.W) Quiz and Quran Quiz booklets.

New Era Iqra Montessori Teachers Training Center

The Muslim Educational Society has handed over management of the abovementioned schools to new management during the sessions of 2008-2009 to enable the society to start Iqra Montessori Teacher’s Training Center from 1st Rabi ul Awal 2009. The Iqra Research Center, after an extensive research on the prominent Montessori’s of Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Interfaith, Sikhs, Hindu’s and Muslim Montessori’s of the world, has prepared syllabuses/courses for the trainees of Iqra Montessori Teacher’s Training Center based on the principles of Dr. Maria Montessori and Allama Iqbal Montessori Systems. Iqra is the first Montessori Teacher Training Center in Pakistan, and the trainees gain knowledge through international Montessori Trainers on multimedia. Okra is a member of the International Montessori Council of U.S.A and is affiliated with the Sindh Board of Technical Education. Iqra has developed and introduced a special subject for character building, and Iqra is the first to introduce multi-language courses in English, Urdu and Sindhi. Muslim Educational Society, with the support of the Iqra Montessori International Trust, is progressing day by day. The trainees of Iqra Montessori Teacher’s Training Center are being trained by A.M.I Montessori Trainers that have more than 25 years of experience. Iqra plans to develop a website for Muslim Children of World. The Muslim Educational Society believes that children from 2 years to 10 years require character building, along with modern sciences and Islamic teachings and etiquettes at Iqra Montessori Training Center at Nazimabad.

Karachi Has Also Planned Online and Virtual Montessori Training

Iqra Montessori Teacher’s Training Center also plans to start short courses for the Administrators, Principals and Montessori Teachers to educate them on the international development of the Montessori System. Iqra Montessori International Trust also plans to offer franchises to establish Iqra Montessori Teacher’s Training Centers in all of the towns in Karachi, and later in the other cities of Pakistan. After completing the first phase of research, a Montessori Training Center for teachers will also be established in the rest of the districts of Pakistan.