Golden Jubilee

Financial Support to Quaid-E-Millat College

Prior to nationalization, the Lecturers and Professors of Qauid-e-Millat College, Nishtar Road, Karachi were on hunger strike due to non-payment of their salaries. The Muslim Educational Society® provided financial assistance and the hunger strike was called off. Similarly, the staff of Rehbar-E-Millat Boys/girls Secondary Schools in New Karachi was on hunger strike due to non-payment of their salaries. The Muslim Educational Society® provided funds to the above Schools and the hunger strike was called off.

Donations to Sir Syed Girls College

The Muslim Educational Society donated 50,000 rupees to Sir Syed Girls College Nazimabad for the development of the Library. (2002).

Donation to All Pakistan Educational Conference

The Muslim Educational Society donated 50,000 rupees to the founder of Sir Syed Girls College at the All Pakistan Educational Conference for renovation of the library. In addition to above, 50,000 rupees was arranged for the Publication Section of All Pakistan Educational Conference. The cheques were handed over to Dr. FU Baqai, The President of the Conference. (2003).

Two School Buildings Donated to Education Department

The court ordered the ejectment of two buildings for the future of the students of the Muslim Educational Society. Two school buildings were constructed at Dastagir Colony and Firdous Colony, including all amenities, and was donated to the Directorate of Education Government of Sindh. Mrs. Razia Saleem, the then Director of Education Karachi, showed appreciation for the services of the Muslim Educational Society in a press conference that appeared in daily Jang on February 11, 2000; the press clipping is attached below.

Grant to Iqra Montessori Teachers Centre

The Society has granted One Million rupees to the Iqra Montessori Teachers Training Centre for its Establishment in 2009-2010.

Donation of Three Science Rooms

Mr. Azad Bin Haider, the President of the Muslim Educational Society, constructed three large science rooms and donated them to the Government of Sindh in the name of his mother, Late Fazal Begum. The science block was named as Fazal Block. (2001)

Financial Aid to a Primary School at Katchi Abadi Kumhaarbara in New Karachi

The Muslim Educational Society also donated 50,000 rupees for the construction of a primary school in Kumhaarbara New Karachi

The Educational Aid to Children of Low-Paids Staff of the Society

The Muslim Educational Society has been providing Educational Aid in form of tuition fees, books and uniforms to the low-paid staff in the society, from Nursery to Matric.

Chief Guests at Schools of Muslim Education Society (1956 to 2008)

Chief Editor Daliy Leader,Hurriyat &Millat Karachi (1962-1964)

President of Pakistan (1962)

Director of Education (1963)

Leader of All India Muslim Women League (1963)

H.E High Commissioner of Nigeria (1963)

Renowned Poet Writer (1964)

Deputy Director Colleges (1964)

C.S.P.T Pk Commissionar Karachi (1964)

Governer of Sindh (1964)(1992)

Chairman K.M.C (1964)

Director of Education Karachi (1966)

Secretary Education, Azad Jammu Kasmir (1966)

Municipal Commission K.M.C (1966)

President United Bank Ltd (1967)

of Saudi Arabia (1968)

President, National Bank of Pakistan (1968)