Golden Jubilee

Acquire Knowledge from Cradle to Grave (Hadeeth)

Muslim Educational Society®

Registered (1956)

Mission “Education Is a Service, Not a Business”


Prof. A.B.A Haleem
Ex Vice Chancellor at Aligarh University and Karachi University

Azad Bin Haider
Secretary General Muslim Educational Society®

H.E. Pir Syed Abdul Qadir Gilani
Ambassador of Iraq in Pakistan

Moulana Abdul Hamid Badayuni

Vice President Syed Hussain Imam

Introduction of Muslim Educational Society

Muslim Educational Society® was registered in 1956. Spiritual Patron-in-Chief was his Excellency Pir Syed Abdul Qadir Gillani, Ambassador of Iraq in Pakistan, while Professor A.B.A Haleem, ex Vice Chancellor of Aligarh University and then Vice Chancellor of Karachi University, was the Patron of the Society. Moulana Abdul Hamid Badayuni, who seconded the Pakistan Resolution on March 23, 1940 at Lahore, was elected as President of the Society. Syed Hussain Imam, President of All India Muslim States was elected as Vice President. Founder of the Society, Mr. Azad Bin Haider, was elected as the Secretary General.

The Muslim Educational Society® started Muslim Primary School and Muslim Boys High School in 1957-1958 in Daryabad Bihar Colony, Lyari, Karachi, which were the most neglected areas of Karachi.

The Supreme Mission of the Society

“Education Is a Service, Not a Business”. From 1959 to 1971, the society established the following schools:

  1. New Era Secondary School, Saddar, 1962
  2. New Era Boys Secondary School, Khudadad Colony, 1965
  3. Muslim Girls Secondary School, Khudadad Colony, 1965
  4. New Era Primary School, Dastagir Colony, 1964
  5. Muslim Primary School, Dastagir Colony, 1964
  6. Muslim Girls Secondary School, Dastagir Colony, 1964
  7. Muslim Boys Secondary School, Dastagir Colony, 1964
  8. New Era Primary School, Nazimabad, 1963
  9. Muslim Primary School, Nazimabad, 1963
  10. Muslim Girls Secondary School No.1, Nazimabad, 1963
  11. Muslim Girls Secondary School No.2, Nazimabad, 1963


The above Schools were nationalized in 1971, and on the Eve of nationalization — because the schools were running on subscriptions and donations, and it is the primary duty of the Government to provide education —sweet meat was distributed to all the teaching and non-teaching staff of the schools.